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XL (3″ wide) Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet® (RMT) (60” long)

XL (3″ wide) Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet® (RMT) (60” long)

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Applies precise mechanical pressure with intuitive Operation to save lives. Micro-adjustable, Self-locking and applicable for Larger Adults


XL (3″ wide) Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet® (RMT) (60" long)

  • Extra-long (60″/ 152.4cm) RMT is 3″ (7.6cm) wide for bariatric use

  • Intuitive Operation

  • Micro-adjustable

  • Self-locking

  • Safety Stop

  • Instructions printed on the webbing

  • Can be folded to reduce the size

  • 3" (76mm) wide ORANGE webbing

  • 1.0″ m2® ratcheting buckle & ladder strap

  • 0.6 lbs / 274g (9.6oz)

RMT™ Instructions

RMT™ Evolution 2001-2020

  • Proven Technology since 2002

  • Simple, intuitive 'glove' operation

  • Applies precise mechanical pressure

  • System is self-locking

  • Easily applied with one hand

  • Requires only 'gross' motor skills to operate

  • Ratcheting sound when activated

  • Compact, lightweight, and durable and rugged

  • Instructions clearly printed on RMT™

  • 3 Civilian versions

  •   - Less Than 120lbs, Greater Than 120lbs and XL

  • 3 Military/Law versions (Tactical, Paramedic, 2")

  •   - Tactical, Paramedic and 2"



  • "One of my 10th MTN soldiers was shot through the lower leg while on patrol in Baghdad. He would have bled to death had it not been for the Burke RMT."

  • "The build strength is outstanding.  I do not find a weak point. The whole thing is solid.  We see a couple of advantages to the RMT. Gross motor skill operation. Self-Locking."

  • "During my pre-deployment train up in August 2008, I purchased two RMT's (Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet). After spending the next month training with them, I decided to replace my issued CAT with the RMT's. On December 14, 2008 while on patrol in Iraq I was shot by a sniper in my upper left arm (dominant arm). I applied the RMT quickly and easily above the gunshot wound. I was easily able to tighten the tourniquet strap stopping all blood flow to the extremity and manipulate the tourniquet ratcheting mechanism, with my non-dominant arm, even with the loss of fine motor skills. Because I was able to apply it without looking at it I was able to maintain security and my peripheral vision, allowing me to scan for more threats and get back in the fight quicker."


Joint Operational Evaluation of Field Tourniquets 



Color: Orange
Weight 0.6 lbs / 274 g / 9.6 oz
Size: L 9″ W 3″ H 2″ *can be folded*
Components: 1″ Ratcheting Buckle and 11 " Ladder Strap with 3″ ORANGE webbing



  • Medical

  • Military

  • Pediatric

  • Geriatric

  • EMT

  • Ambulance

  • Fire

  • Mass Casualty

  • Rescue

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