Uses & Applications

We’ve been integrating our Mechanical closure systems into the medical, military, and other industries for over 25 years. 
Although we may not be specialists in your industry and/or field, we strive to offer the best mechanical closures for your application and assist in any way possible.

m2® Mechanical Closures:

Our ratcheting buckles are organized by:
Material for specific weather and industrial conditions
Size for load tolerances and aesthetic appeal

If you are not sure of the best mechanical closure for your industry or application we can help!

Get in touch, and we’ll guide you through the process of choosing the right buckles and straps for your industry and application.

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m2® produces products and assemblies for military applications and contractors.   Many of our products are Mil-spec and we have had national stock numbers. Our Tactical Tourniquet has also been recommended by the CoTCCC 



Our mechanical closures have been used on a variety of medical products and applications.  These include prosthetics, orthotics, tourniquets, surgical positioning devices, and accessories.

Adaptive Sports

m2® Ratcheting Padded Click Straps®  keep adaptive athletes safe, secure, and comfortable so they perform at their best!

Check out the m2® ATHLETES page to view Paralympians using Click Straps®!


m2® buckles and straps have been used by a variety of shoe manufacturers;

but,  are mainly purchased as replacement buckles and straps for footwear.



Weatherproof & Corrosion Free  mechanical closures


Heavy-duty mechanical closures for on-the-go applications


We have produced mechanical closures for a variety of industrial companies and applications including telecommunications and multimedia

Custom Applications

We offer design and engineering consulting for custom products and assemblies.  This includes buckles, straps, or assemblies with a company's logo or watermarks and privatized products and assemblies