Engineered to Perfection

We are constantly updating our mechanical closures with the highest quality raw materials and ISO 9001 manufacturing standards to meet CE, FDA, and DOD regulations.

Testing Equipment

A variety of sensors, test rigs, and data acquisition devices are utilized regularly in our engineering testing and evaluation process.


Buckle Lever Arm Cycle Test

Tensile Test of Components and Materials

Test performed in steps of 500 cycles.  At 4000 Standard cycles, the buckle remains intact. Test performed at cold temperature -4° F (-20° C) up to 775 lbs (350 kg). 

New RMT® Prototype on the Hapmed Leg Trainer

We are continually fabricating and testing new products and materials. Constantly pushing the envelope and progressing forward with new and innovative designs. Shown below is a prototype utilizing a different webbing material being tested on the Hapmed Leg.

RMT® Pressure Testing Results

Application pressure testing was performed on six different RMT® models. These results are from the Hapmed Leg and neonatal blood pressure cuff with a gas pressure sensor and data acquisition device.