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BELT KITS (Belt Not Included)

BELT KITS (Belt Not Included)

 Tactical - Duty - Competition - Recreation

Belt Kits provide the attachment of  m2® Ratcheting Buckle and m2® Ladder Strap to  tactical, duty,  or recreational gun belts. (Belt Not Included).   m2® Belt Kits provide on-the-fly micro-adjustability and quick release.

Belt Kits are available with either  1.0”  components for large belts (2.25”)  or  0.75” components for small belts (1.75”).

m2® Ratcheting Buckles are available in Stainless, Aluminum or Thermoplastic materials. Buckle ‘base’ can be normal or with an anti-rotation tab (see images).  Aluminum and Thermoplastic buckles are available with ‘flush’ or ‘high’ release (see images). 

M2® Ladder Straps are available in a firm or soft version.  Ladders can be trimmed for a custom fit..


  • m2®  Ratcheting Buckles.   1.0” or 0.75” sizes
    • Available in Stainless, Aluminum,Thermoplastic materials with a high or flush release and a standard or anti-rotation base.
      • High Release is for easy on/off access and adjustability;
      • Flush Release will not release unintentionally.
      • Standard Base buckles may rotate at the screw axis if screws are not tight enough;
      • Anti-rotation base buckles will not rotate but may require an additional hole in the user’s belt.
  • m2® Ladder Straps:   1.0” or 0.75”   sizes     
    • Available in  firm or soft versions 
    • Standard Ladder have a 0.25” (6mm) hole
    • Custom Ladders: Holes can be drilled for customized attachment applications
    • Ladder Straps can be trimmed for a customized length and fit.
    • Specialty Hardware & Loctite
  • (3 – 5mm screws & 3 – 5mm spider nuts) and Loctite, recommend added security on the screws.
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