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 Industrial Strength Mechanical Closure Technologies

m2® is a design, engineering, and production firm specializing in “m2®″ ratcheting buckles and straps. m2® has over 25 years of experience rooted in the development of the original ratcheting buckle and ladder strap used in the design, development, and production of the snowboard binding. Our buckles are categorized by four different sizes, 0.6″, 0.7″, 0.75″, and 1″ as well as thermoplastic, aluminum, and stainless steel materials for different industries and applications. m2® Ratcheting Buckles and Ladder Strap are used in a variety of industries including:


Military Medical Adaptive Sports Footwear
Marine Motorized Industrial Custom Applications


 To learn more about m2® mechanical closure technologies and industries utilizing m2® technologies visit our Uses & applications Page:

Uses &  Applications

 m2® Customers Include:


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Our Founder

In 1978, Michael Moran acquired his Bachelor of Science degree from an established University of VT. Before m2® he has 20 years of professional experience in product engineering and development with several reputed sporting goods manufacturers. Michael was instrumental in the design & production of inline skates ski boots and the snowboard binding.

  • Lake Placid Olympics (1979 - 1980) 
  • Rossignol Ski Company (1981 - 1982)
  • Nordica Ski Boots (1983-1986)
  • Nike Bauer (1986-1994)

 Quality Assurance

By leveraging top-grade tools and our expertise of almost 30 years, m2®produces mechanical closures for many  industries and applications. 
We <strong>continuously test and develop our technology to meet the needs of all industries and applications.
We are proud to acquire multiple certifications like DOD, CE, FDA.
We will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations for years to come.

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