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Footwear Buckle and Strap Replacement KIT

Footwear Buckle and Strap Replacement KIT

The kit allows replacement and attachment of 0.6″ m2® Ratcheting Buckle and 0.6″ m2® Ladder Straps to shoes.

Compatible with a variety of footwear brands, such as Peloton and Exustar.

Note:  Our buckles and straps are designed and engineered to work together;

You MUST replace your shoe buckle AND strap with our m2® buckle AND strap to function correctly.

This Kit includes:

  • 2) 0.6″ m2® Ratcheting Buckle in Matte Black
  • 2) 0.6″ m2® Ladder Strap for stitch-in Applications
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